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Written by davydegr 24/01/2018

Kayzr League: Mission and vision

The Kayzr League is a part of Kayzr, Benelux's biggest esports platform. Where Kayzr strives to be a connecting platform for gamers in the Benelux, the Kayzr League wants to add a new layer to the professional competitive Benelux scene in different games.

The best teams in the Benelux can compete in the Kayzr League for the real deal. Whereas nearly every game provides an in-game ladder and ranking, the esports scene in the Benelux (and other regions) still misses a clear road to the international top.

Those in-game ladders provide a great way for training and improving individually or as a team. What these ladders lack is increasing your knowledge of your potential opposing teams. As you play different teams every game, you get no chance to adapt and analyze your oponents in multiple matches. This adapting and analyzing already proved to be a big factor of gaining international successes.

Next to improving and adapting, the Kayzr League also provides regional teams a solid base to start building their own, local fanbase. Where other tournament platforms lack to show the faces behind the screen, the Kayzr League puts a strong focus on the teams and players behind their characters. People in general don't support teams, they support the people that play in the teams.

And it doesn't stop with an online fanbase. The best teams and players in their region also get a chance to play at big, offline events where they get to meet their fans in real-life. Teams as mCon Esports and Defusekids had the opportunity to play at Belgium's biggest Comic Con: FACTS in front of 1500 online viewers and more than 500 offline viewers in the esports arena.

Koenz at FACTS, interviewed by William Boeva

Whereas the Kayzr League 2018 only provides prize money, the aim for the future lies within providing the best regional teams a chance to play at international events. Because we believe that becoming your region's champion is just the beginning of international successes!