About Kayzr League

Kayzr League originated from the ashes of the End of Month Finals of local gaming platform Kayzr. The first live streams of the Benelux esports league Kayzr League were held in the attic of Outpost Game Center Ghent. Since then, Kayzr League has systematically progressed. Every season new highlights were reached in the quality of the livestreams, physical events and partners.

The competition has already been played on the stage of Belgium's largest Comic Con: FACTS. In addition, the finals of the Fall 2018 edition were held in the cinemas of Kinepolis Antwerp. A total of almost € 30,000 in prize money was earned during these finals.

Kayzr League brings together the best of regional esport within a professional framework. For viewers, Kayzr League wants to offer the opportunity to experience the intensity and excitement of local esports from the front row.

For brands, Kayzr League offers an easily accessible entry into a market of tech-savvy young adults and millennials. reached.

Qualify, fight and win in Kayzr League

From the idea of the End of Month Finals in Kayzr League every team from the Benelux gets a chance to qualify. The qualification tournaments are held online and participation is completely free. Besides the qualified teams, four teams are invited. These teams are established values within the Benelux esports scene and have achieved solid results for several years.

The invited and qualified teams then compete in a Single Round Robin (each team competes once) during five intense weeks. All matches are broadcasted live and commented by an experienced crew of casters. The broadcasts take place on Monday and Wednesday evening.

Anyone occupying a top 4 position after seven days of play will qualify for the finals at a physical location. In the semi-finals and finals they will compete for the prize money of no less than € 8000, one of the highest total prize money within the Benelux esports scene. These (semi) finals are played on a physical location where the teams can look each other straight in the eyes of a real audience.