The league

Kayzr League brings together the best of regional esports within a professional framework. For viewers, Kayzr League offers the opportunity to experience the intensity and excitement of local esports from the front row, with weekly broadcasts on Twitch and a physical end event.

For brands, Kayzr League offers an accessible entry into a market of tech-savvy young adults and millennials that is hard to fathom.

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Each team can qualify. The battle to qualify is hard, but a victory will grand acces to the group stage of the Kayzr League.

Experience intensity

Eight CS:GO teams will compete in a Single Round Robin where each team will play once against eachother. Only the best will survive and will advance to the grand final.


The top 4 of the group stage will advance to online semi-finals. The final itself will be an offline event where the teams can look eachother in the eye while they are battling for victory.